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Crystal XP2i digitale manometer
Huber HM30

Meteo station

The HM30 is a compact, multifunktional measurement tool for climate data.

Various meteo parameters, like Simultaneous display of pressure, humidity, temperature 1
and temperature 2 can be measured and displayed on the device in realtime.

With the optionally available HMCS Software the measured data can simply be transfered to a pc and be visualized in a graphically attractive way.
The HMCS software allows also to define various alarm points
The functions of the HM30 are completely remote controllable.

Range of functions:
Air pressure measuring
Humidity / Temp. 1 (with combined probe)
Temp. 2 with insertion probe
Dew point determination
Differential measurements
Peak storage (MIN/MAX), Hold function, Zoom function
RS232 Interface

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