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Time Electronics Calibration Benches

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Time electronics calibration benches
Time Electronics
Custom-made Calibration Benches

CalBench is the ultimate multifunction calibration station from Time Electronics. Each calibration bench is custom-made to meet specific user requirements. Offering versatility and precision it is ideal for laboratories and workshops in need of multi-product testing and instrument calibration that meets the highest industry standards.

A wide range of modules can be fitted to the primary console creating a highly flexible system that is both functional and easy to use. Further expansion can be achieved by adding the secondary console, mounted under the primary.

Calibration modules cover electronic signal, temperature, loop, and pressure applications. Power supplies, DMMs, oscilloscopes and generator modules can also be fitted into the bench consoles. Functions are clearly defined on each module and a competent technician will quickly master the operation of the system without training or constant reference to manuals. Various fittings, functions, and additional devices can be added to CalBench to create a comprehensive work environment.

Each CalBench is built for the end user's designated applications. With standard modules capable of calibrating multiple instruments and devices, and add-ons or modifications to cover user-specific requirements. CalBench is the ideal system for calibrating:

Pressure: Gauges, Calibrators, Transducers, Transmitters, Indicators, Switches, Valves.

Temperature and Loop: Sensors, Indicators, Thermocouple and RTD Transmitters, Calibrators, PRTs, Thermistors.

Electrical/Electronic: Multimeters, AC/DC Signal Sources, Clamp Meters, Tachometers, Ohmmeters, Decade Boxes, Power Supplies.

Frequency: Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Meters, Timer Counters.

And Much More: Incorporate various test equipment for Flow, Level, Mass, Mechanical, Dimensional, and other applications.

Time Electronics Calibration Benches are used in test facilities across the world. CalBench provides customers with a high performance system for the necessary applications within their respective industries.

Popular Industries: Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Automation, Automotive, Aeronautics, Transport, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, R & D, Metrology, Process, and Education.

Popular Locations: Processing Plants, Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Power Plants, Engineer Training Centres, Schools and Universities, Calibration Laboratories, R & D Labs, Manufacturing Plants.

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